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A Proud Member of California Association of Air Medical Services
"committed to providing the highest standard of patient care while maintaining safe, efficient flight operations"


Cal-AAMS is built on the idea that representation from a variety of medical transport services and businesses
can be brought together to share information, collectively resolve problems and provide leadership in the medical transport community.


Established in 2018, the California Association of Air Medical Services is a chapter of AAMS, the Association of Air Medical Services, an international association which serves providers of air and surface medical transport systems.


To provide a forum for the providers involved with the air medical industry. Our goal is to promote the highest level of industry safety and commitment to delivering excellence in clinical care while transporting the critically ill or injured.


AAMS represents a unified voice for the entire air medical and critical care medical transport community. Through common effort, we will improve the health outcomes of the populations we serve.

Taking Flight. Saving Lives...


"committed to providing the highest standard of patient care while maintaining safe, efficient flight operations"

About Stanford Life Flight


Based at Stanford Hospital, we provide transport solutions for critically ill and injured patients to hospitals throughout the region. Built on Stanford's reputation for excellence and quality outcomes and partnered with Air Methods, Life Flight continues to raise the bar in care of patients in the pre-hospital environment.

Life Flight is considered a community resource and as such, is available to transport patients from any hospital that requests our service to any appropriate receiving hospital. We are also available to any county emergency medical system to provide advanced aero medical evacuation from 911 requests. Our service area extends from the Oregon/California border in the North, to Reno, NV in the East, and as far south as Santa Barbara. We also serve the central valley and central coast regions of California.

Our flight crews meet rigorous standards. Flight nurses have extensive training and experience in caring for critically ill or injured patients in the airborne environment. Using an evidence-based set of hospital-developed protocols, they provide care consistent with that of Stanford Health Care, thereby becoming an extension of the Stanford hospital. There are a number of procedures performed by our flight nurses that are beyond the regular scope of practice for registered nurses. Recurrent training and constant clinical review, maintain the nurses competency in these skills. The pilots come to the program with several thousand hours of turbine helicopter experience and then have further training and annual recurrency check rides to maintain their IFR pilot ratings.

For more on our program, please contact us directly.

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For more on our program, please contact us directly.

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