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A Proud Member of California Association of Air Medical Services
"committed to providing the highest standard of patient care while maintaining safe, efficient flight operations"

"It's the kind of job that starts before the sun is even in the sky... Mercy Flights"


Cal-AAMS is built on the idea that representation from a variety of medical transport services and businesses
can be brought together to share information, collectively resolve problems and provide leadership in the medical transport community.


Established in 2018, the California Association of Air Medical Services is a chapter of AAMS, the Association of Air Medical Services, an international association which serves providers of air and surface medical transport systems.


To provide a forum for the providers involved with the air medical industry. Our goal is to promote the highest level of industry safety and commitment to delivering excellence in clinical care while transporting the critically ill or injured.


AAMS represents a unified voice for the entire air medical and critical care medical transport community. Through common effort, we will improve the health outcomes of the populations we serve.

Taking Flight. Saving Lives...


"committed to providing the highest standard of patient care while maintaining safe, efficient flight operations"

About Mercy Flights


Mercy Flights - Oregon’s Only Nonprofit Air And Ground Ambulance Service
Mercy Flights stands firm in our commitment to offer state-of-the-art, high-quality care that is affordable to Southern Oregon and Northern California families, friends and neighbors. Founded in 1949 with a mission to improve the health and quality of life of residents in need, Mercy Flights is here to stay, providing air and ground medical transport while leading programs that improve community health.

70 Years and our core values still remain the same
• Professionalism
• Caring Customer Service
• Safety for the Staff, Patients & Public
• Premium Medical Treatment & Transport at a Reasonable Cost

Mission Statement The continuing mission of Mercy Flights, Inc. is to provide caring service for our subscribers and others whom we transport or treat and their families by having fully qualified, experienced staff. Mercy Flights in cooperation with hospitals, medical personnel and other ambulance companies provide premium medical treatment and transport at a reasonable cost.

Overview Aircraft and ambulances may be the tools we use to save lives, but our people are the true lifeline of Mercy Flights Inc. From the office, dispatch and mechanical experts who keep us running smoothly, to our flight, ground and medical crews on the front line, every team member plays a critical role. Together we care for families, friends and neighbors to build safer, healthier Southern Oregon and Northern California communities.

Medical Transport Our company was founded for a cause, not for a profit; we are working to save lives and foster healthy communities in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We rescue neighbors in crisis and deliver them safely to our hospital partners. We engage with other first responders and lawmakers to ensure that the needs of residents come first.

Rogue Valley International Medford Airport

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Contact:Sheila Clough
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Phone:  541.858.2600

Address: 2020 Milligan Way
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Website: mercyflights.com

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